May 8, 2017


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W2018-11-05-world-championships-buenos-aires_250KF WORLD


5th to 10th November in Argentina


… real best MMA fighter meets there …


October 10, 2017

World referee seminar 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

by WKF head office
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WKF World referee seminar in Greece 2017

WKF ARGENTINA  president Carlos SUAREZ is the host of the next World referee seminar 2018 on November 2nd.

This is the perfect weekend, just before the World Championships in Buenos Aires.

Registration deadline October 26th , 2018 !   

Invitation is here !

We got already many requests from our male / female referees and officials of 6 continents and we hope everybody who would need Visa start in time with Visa procedure.

For details about the World seminar, Visa invitations, any requests about airport transfer, Hotel booking and more contact our WKF Argentina organising team Mr. Carlos SUAREZ by mail !

Our update WKF licensed referee list is here ! Photos from all our licensed referee are here in the gallery! All rule books in 4 languages and more free to down load here !

All International WKF referees, who not has attended the last seminars in Andria 2016 or Santorini 2017 must extend their license 2018 in Buenos Aires. The extended license is valid for three Years again.

Next World referee seminar in Romania 2019 before the upcoming European Championships !

Please remember: without valid WKF license you are not qualified for WKF events !

October 5, 2017

WKF CHINA is moving … 我们是真正的全球玩家

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WKF CHINA is moving forward. Our office in Beijing is always in negotiations with local promoters for next events.

For 2017 we have so many events scheduled in China. Soon we will have our next Chinese WKF professional Champions.

And many promoters World wide are also serious interested to challenge Chinese champions as well.

If you are a Chinese manager or promoter and you want to cooperate with our serious World sanctioning body, send your request just by mail to our head office. Minimum title fight requirements are here, rules to download here.


September 30, 2017

WKF World Cup in October in Carrara, Italy in October

by WKF head office
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WKF head office  sanction the amazing “Unified World Championships” first time as our World Cup.

Our WKF General Manager Mr. Cristiano RADICCHI report:

This is unquestionably the greatest, unique and legendary event in all the history of Martial Arts and Combat Sports!!!

This is the fifth edition, the first edition in 2013 has involved 6 world federations, now we have reached over 28!!! Something unbelievable…

When we decided to organize an Unified World Championships, immediately the initiative has been a success, meaning that it was meeting the needs of many Federations, seeking an opportunity for their members to give their best in a World Championships that represents the highest levels in the martial arts sector.

Now, after the amazing experience of last year and the incredible success, we stepped up even more this aspect, inviting to participate many other World Federations and.

We are interested in unifying all the Federations in the World to give the opportunity for everyone to participate in this unbelievable event where participating thousands of athletes of any kinds and country.

2016 more than 5.000 (!) competitors in all divisions, 2017 WKF World Cup

To win it means to have reached the highest competitive level but, at the same time, only participating means emotions, friendship, respect, loyalty, passion, with a spirit of joy that sets us apart from any other event.

Over 28 World Federations, with 5.000 athletes and over 100 countries participate together in such an event and combine their forces to create the most incredible Championships that has ever been organized in the World throughout the history of Martial Arts because only together we can give our affiliates the prestige of such an amazing event.

The prestige of competing to be the Real Unified World Champion, recognized by over 28 International Federations. For more information send your mail !

WKF World Cup 2017 – the Greatest Martial Event World wide ever !

September 26, 2017

WKF GERMANY president get many new fighters and promoter !

by WKF head office
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WKF GERMANY president and supervisor Roman LOGISCH

WKF GERMANY president Mr. Roman LOGISCH report:

More and more German teams, clubs and officials are interested and send their request for membership in WKF GERMANY. 

After the successfully last World championships in Italy many German Clubs and local small federations want to become “part of the German team” in World Championships in Buenos Aires in November 5th to 10th, 2018.

For new membership in WKF GERMANY and for further requests about WKF in Germany send your e-mail in Deutsch, English or “На Русском языке” to Mr. Roman Logisch.

Become our friend of WKF GERMANY in facebook

Full information about WKF amateur division is here !

More and more Champions, managers and promoters in Germany are interested in our WKF and want to get a chance to fight for WKF sanctioned titles.

Many people are disappointed in Germany from fake “World federations”, just existing in internet only or in perhaps 3 European countries. No value, no events, no service, no real World ranking !

More and more promoter and top organiser in Germany want to cooperate with WKF, because:


“WKF – We are the real global player”


September 24, 2017

World Championships in Argentina 2018. Welcome in Buenos Aires

by WKF head office
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full invitation online here !


Dear friends in sport,

WKF ARGENTINA is putting all the team’s energies into the preparation for this upcoming championship, so that everything that is being offered in this great event becomes a flawless reality.

Each athlete, nonstop but at their own pace, goes around the world seeking in  different places for new sportive experiences that will allow them to reach a personal fulfillment.  Because of this, our organization, wishes to  deliver an opportunity to those who are looking for this sort of experiences and achievements.

Plaza de la República, Buenos Aires

We look forward to having every country from the WKF family -from competitors to professors, judges, trainers and athlete’s families- joining in this intense competition, seizing as well the opportunity to meet our local landscapes and incredible sightseeing places of our beautiful country, given the favourable exchange rate of our currency.

Our organization is deeply submerged in addressing the best in us to provide you with a great proposal as thisnext Championship in Argentina is aiming to be,  focusing on creating a joyful space to bind, making the experience an unforgettable collective experience along together with all of our brothers from foreign lands.

We are looking forward to receiving  you in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Sincerely yours,

Carlos Suarez

Organizing Committee

WKF Argentina Representative

South American Division

August 13, 2017

Next European Championships October 2019 in Baia Mare, Romania

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WKF ROMANIA president Florin MINA announce next European Championship 2019 in Baia Mare.

From October 21st to 26th our European WKF family meet in beautiful Romania.

Over 30 countries will participate and there will be matches from kids to juniors to seniors.

In the final day will be 12 fights with important and great fighters like Cristian “The Fastest” MileaCostin Mincu Adrian “Spartacus” Mina and many others.
For full information, Hotel booking and more contact Mr. Florin MINA by mail.


August 13, 2017

Our next World Championships in Argentina, Canada and China

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WKF World Championships 2018

Buenos Aires welcomes the World !!!


More news here





August 1, 2017

SPARRING WARS 2 – in Bangladesh

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Trials! Get ready! August 12 2017

Straw-weight under 115 pounds (-52.1631 kg)
Flyweight over 115 to 125 pounds (52.1631 kg – 56.699kg)
Bantamweight over 125 to 135 pounds (56.699 kg – 61.235kg)
Featherweight over 135 to 145 pounds (61.235kg – 65.7709kg)
Lightweight over 145 to 155 pounds (65.7709kg – 70.3068kg)

Welterweight over 155 to 170 pounds (70.3068kg – 77.1107kg)
Middleweight over 170 to 185 pounds (77.1107kg – 83.9146kg)
Light Heavyweight over 185 to 205 pounds (83.9146kg – 92.9864kg)
Heavyweight over 205 to 265 pounds (92.9864kg – 120.202kg)
Super Heavyweight over 265 pounds 9+120.202kg)

We will allow 1 kg from inscription weight.

Sparring trials will be run as follow:

– Fighters will arrive in groups of 10 from 10AM.
– Fighters will have 10 minutes to warm up,
– Fighters will do a 2-3 minutes round of pad work.
– Due to the high number of people signed fighters will sparr:
– 1 round of Submission Grappling
– 1 round of K1 Kickboxing
– 1 round of MMA   Rounds 3×1

The sparring partner will be another fighter assigned by the organizer.
In the next few days you will get an email with the time and the sparring partner assigned to you.

Remember this are trials, we want to see what you are capable off. The best qualified fighters will earn their
pass to the main event on HFC 1 and will be selected as a team member for the “Clash of Nations” amateur MMA and Kickboxing India vs Bangladesh.

Earn the right and represent your country! Make the history!

This time sanctioned by the WKF World Kickboxing Federation, who affiliate more than 130 countries around the world.

July 29, 2017

New Cyprus international MMA champion Stavros GRIGORIOU

by WKF head office
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Cyprus international champion Stavros GRIGORIOU

WKF CYPRUS president Christos NICOLAOU report about the last Cyprus event.

The association of MUAY THAI  KICKBOXING  MMA PAPHOS  and CYBEX GYM in collaboration with the CYPRUS TRADITIONAL MUAY THAI FEDERATION  (C.Y.T.M.F.) and the WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION (WKF) organized the third event of martial arts ‘CASTLE GLADIATORS III’

The best Cypriot athletes of Muay Thai and MMA and also international fights with the participation of foreign athletes from countries such as Greece, Russia, Belgium, Italy, UK and others.

Main fight was for the Cyprus International MMA title in Featherweight – 66 Kg / 145 lbs. Greece challenger Makis SIOUTIS lost by points vs. Cyprus hero Stavros GRIGORIOU by points.

New Cyprus international champion Stavros GRIGORIOU from Paphos Thai Boxing & MMA Fight Club.

July 27, 2017

European Championships 2019 in Romania

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European Championships
21st to 26th October in all divisions

Romania welcomes you